Bridge Project

Create a bridge that will support anything



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Bridge Project is a video game in which the player assumes the role of an architect with the goal of creating a bridge with specific dimensions, that must support all the weight that is loaded on it, and withstand all the bad weather that it may face.

The game comes with 48 different areas where you can create your bridges, and takes you through rural and urban landscapes, through different types of big cities and towns, through canyons, mountains, etc.

You will have many different materials to build your bridges, ranging from simple wood to reinforced concrete. The best part is, for testing them you will not only have cars and trains, but also buses and even tanks at your disposal.

On a visual level, Bridge Project has greatly improved in comparison to its predecessor, Bridge Builder Simulator. Now it offers a very attractive, 3D environment, where the beauty of the scenery has taken on great importance.

Bridge Project is a very peculiar game, that combines simulation and creation elements with strategy.

The demo only lets you play the first levels.

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